Please read all of the following carefully, and if you still have questions please don’t hesitate to email me.


A small button will be added on your blog design stating “Design by: Clarke Creative”.


I require your total price as a down payment for the design process. Please note that ALL payments are processed via PayPal only {you can use a debit or credit card via PayPal as well as your bank account}. ALL Sales are final.


With your design, you purchase a “limited number of revisions”. I want you to be completely happy and in love with your design! Once the design has been installed, you will have 24 hours to come back to me with any minor changes {i.e. links not working, etc}. After that time frame, I will make 2 minor revisions to your design {for up to a year}. After this time frame, I will charge a discounted fee per change on your design– so please check your blog thoroughly after it has been installed. “Revisions” will not be made on a la carte items.


When your design is complete and installed, I ask that you do not change any of the items {moving them around is okay, but editing the actual images is not}. This compromises my work as a designer.


You may not use any items I have designed for you in ways that they were not intended for without my permission – ie, you may not use your blog header on your business card/Facebook timeline {you can contact me for discounted rates on other print/design material or for permission to use in different ways}. My main concern is the integrity of the design. See the next point if you are concerned about this.


If you wish to have free reign over your design items to create your own business cards, or to use on your Facebook timeline cover, etc., consider purchasing the design rights from me for $100. This entitles you to use the graphics I have already designed for you on other products for your business/blog. With the purchase of design rights, I will send you the Photoshop file/.jpeg file of your blog header for you to use as you wish, as well as let you know the fonts and colors used in your design for your convenience. However, the purchase of design rights does not mean you can claim credit for my work. Please contact me about this if you have any questions or wish to purchase design rights.